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Stevenson, Emma; Rodríguez-Fernández, Víctor; Urrutxua, Hodei; Camacho, David

Benchmarking deep learning approaches for all-vs-all conjunction screening Journal Article

In: Advances in Space Research, 2023.

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Stevenson, Emma; Rodríguez-Fernández, Víctor; Taillan, Christophe; Urrutxua, Hodei; Camacho, David

A deep learning-based framework for operational all-vs-all conjunction screening Inproceedings

In: 2nd International Stardust Conference (STARCON-2), ESTEC, the Netherlands, 2022.


Stevenson, Emma; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Victor; Urrutxua, Hodei

Towards graph-based machine learning for conjunction assessment Inproceedings

In: 2022 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS), Maui, Hawaii, USA, 2022.

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Huertas-García, Álvaro; Martín, Alejandro; Huertas-Tato, Javier; Camacho, David

Exploring Dimensionality Reduction Techniques in Multilingual Transformers Miscellaneous

CoRR, 2022.

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Stevenson, Emma; Rodriguez-Fernandez, Victor; Urrutxua, Hodei; Morand, Vincent; Camacho, David

Self-supervised machine learning based approach to orbit modelling applied to space traffic management Inproceedings

In: 11th International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety Conference (IAASS), (Virtual), Osaka, Japan, 2021.

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Huertas-García, Álvaro; Huertas-Tato, Javier; Martín, Alejandro; Camacho, David

CIVIC-UPM at CheckThat! 2021: Integration of Transformers in Misinformation Detection and Topic Classification Inproceedings

In: Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF) Working Notes, pp. 520–530, 2021.

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R-Moreno, Maria D; Camacho, David; Obieta, Unai

A plan-based tool for automatic eLearning courses redesign Journal Article

In: IJCSA, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 33-48, 2008.



Borrajo, Daniel; Camacho, David; Silva, Andres

Multistrategy Relational Learning of Heuristics for Problem Solving Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the Nineteenth SGES International Conference on Knowledge Based Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge, UK, 1999.